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The preliminary conference opened tjils afternoon and there was a general discussion which lasted for beveral hours, the utmost harmony prevailing.

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Get access to this with a Free Trial. A German divpdon penetrated the bridgehead 01 Fundeni on January 6. Drive-thru clinic closure le to Regina vaccination rate drop from March to April. The policy of raising battalions is a bad one, an, it creates alot of high salaried officials, who are not desirous of getting to the front.

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Jhe warehouses of the fro; end Wood Companv, farm to im plemenu. At the other table, declarer won the K at trick one, playing his queen beneath it, and called for the A 6. Subsequent to the adjournment until tomorrow the following formal announcement was givon out by Kir Robert Borden, who presided: The first session of the conference between the Federal and the Provincial Governments took place this afternoon and will be d at ten oclock on Thursday.

Get access to Newspapers. James Murray, New Brunswick, Hon. Inspection sheet avail.

Learn how to enable it. Berlin reports that Uie Russians attacked the heights along the Kis hiloa Valley, but met with sanguinary reverse. I would be ashamed not to acknowledge what happened, he added, according to the UN spokesperson. According to police figures, about 1, people have died this year, about a third of them in December alone.

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To deserve the generosity and hospitality of the Timorese people, we have to acknowledge our mistakes and shortcomings, Vieira de Mello said. Russian Interior Ministry troops have been ordered to strengthen protection of their bases. Roche, Hon.

Thompson pointed out that while nearly all agencies for stimulating and assisting russian escort in new saskatoon were local or provincial In character, 75 per cent, of the stuff produced becomes inter-provincial or national before lt reaches the ultimate consumer, and 60 per cent, becomes international before that end Is attained, and yet the farmers of Canada hail not yet reached the point wheYe they may declare and demand a minimum cost and profit price for their, total national production, lie then discussed the need of national market standards, local and national livestock markets, the need of a livestock act, national livestock insurance, a federal livestock credit system and the advantages of a co-operative packing system.

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The following official review of recent military operations in Eouma-nia was given out at army headquarters today. On the Tigris, the Indians captured Turkish trenches ever n front of 1.

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There are enough offkeis cf high rank to form u couple of battillonj and they should be serving tu the ranks, said this officer. Tho Minister acknowledges the assistance which ha been given Ivm by Messrs. A campaign of advertising In connection with the issue of war savings certificates will be commenced next -week.

Exc cond. Mint cond. The key bid was North's jump to 50, which suggested genuine trump support, no russian escort in new saskatoon or void, but something of value on the side here the singleton spade. Both sides said they were expecting large-scale fighting over the New Years holiday, with the Chechens hoping to catch celebrating Russian troops by surprise. Four children of Dr. Fir Thoms White, Minister of Finance, announced today the Mist step in connection with his campii'giv lor yieatir national buying und the linger participation of the general public in llimnelhg Canada war expenditure and furnishing Imperial credits for the purchase of mu-niiloiiB In Canada.

Settlement of the difficulty between the mine operators and workers in district 18 still bangs fire.

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It was announced officially tonight that Turkish trenches on a front of 1, yards north-east of Kut-el-Amara, on the Tigris front, ha been captured. Rack of Intelligence and true leadership. Ombudsman raises corrections concerns. Arthur Meighen and 'll. Huv-ian Conntor-Attack.

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More conferences were hold today but It was announced tunight that a definite basis of agreement has not yet been reached. The plan will give the general public the opportu-nily of contributing their savings to the winning of the war, and ut the same time encourage and promote Individual thrift and economy through, out the Dominion.

The unsuccessful declarer thought he played the hand reasonably and was unlucky to fail. The military initiative rests entirely in the hands of the defenders of Grozny, Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov said Thursday. Get access to Newspapers.

Harrison, the fair wage officer of the Department of Labor at Calgary, reported that this increase would represent 1. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Thonip-on, Qitll Lake. Min Victoria. Very good car. The Dominion Government and all the Provincial Governments were represented at the conference called by the Fedoral Government which opened today and out of which will in all probability develop a Dominion-wide land settlement scheme for the benefit of returned soldiers.

The Evening Juurnal gives some prominence to the following: "So for as I understand the policy of the Militia Department, there will be no more battalions lormed in Canada, said a leading russian escort in new saskatoon of the Militia Department tu the Journal today, y What is the use of paying out the peoples money to colonels and majors, who will do nothing but guard duty in Canada?

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You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. COVID case at the legislature.

The kind ot thrift for which the Minister appeals Is that which in the saving of money for the purchase of theRe securities. Fire, breaking out bout seven oclock this morning n tb -a rehouse of J. The spokesperson said he had no more information. NACI accused of contributing to confusion, hesitancy over 'preferred' vaccines guidance. Referring to the failure of the world body to predict and prevent the violence, Vieira de Mello told a crowd of about 5, For that I ask forgiveness from the people of East Timor. Tho discussion was very Interesting and Instructive.

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The claims could not be independently verified. Declarer duly rose with the king and could no longer make the contract because there were only two trumps in dummy and he needed three spade ruffs.

Go to end. Walter Mitchell and Hon. Pn: Vl iN, Jan. This committee begun studying Mexlcun conditions about a year and a half ago. J K When East predictably played low, it was incumbent on declarer to guess whether to play the jack or the king.

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I am not ashamed to ask you to forgive us. Jim tons, hut year, of which loo w'Tn to! The year-old is serving a 1,day sentence for aggravated assault, forcible confinement, and two breach of probation charges.

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He too misguessed spades by playing the king. He is considered dangerous and should not be approached, the province says. The missions destroyed 25 rebel bases, five communications stations and four anti-aircraft systems, the military said, according to the Interfax news agency.

He ruffed himself In with a heart, drew West's remaining trump, and claimed; the long spade had been established without much fuss. But Russian forces have been held up by mined ro and rebel resistance.

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In one of th- minor engagement on the front In Ffanee, the Brtffth eat of Beaumont-Hamel raptured and held a German trench and made three officer and J It na prisoner. Teachers, parents concerned with return to in-person learning in Regina.

An abstract of the report re: The crying need of Mexico is education a type of education that will lift the common people out of their sloth and Ignorance and enlist the better classes In a real patriotic service.

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Jf;1 to the closing hour. Winnipeg Port Ne -on. Guarding against depredations by a mysterious German raider supposed to be hovering aomewfiere around the windward passage In the Wet Indies, the British colonial authorities have ordered the f the lig s 61 fa gstion lights Ei Carlisle Bay. Ferguson, Ontario; Hon. Robert Rogers, Hon. The war map of Europe did not bow what Germany had lost In colonies and shipping. Tnder the head of national forces for production Mr. Seven officers and men wenucap-tured in the course of the operation.

Schuier and Heins and Lt. Your data.

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Your personal data that may be used Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps Precise location You can select ' Manage settings ' for more information and to manage your choices. Big turnout for reopened drive-thru vaccine clinic.

Mdu ine Hat Isry fighting recurred on the greater part ef the front: it wss more acLv north of the Somme: in the regions of Bow-haves-n and dory, and in the Argotine. The plan of organisation submitted to the t meeting by tho speaker was the appointment of separate commissions to administer the 'Canada Grain, Livestock and Markets Acts; a traffic commission to administer tho Canada Railway Act, as well as all shipping acts affecting Canadian farm produts; a hank commission to administer a Canada Rural Credit Act and to deal with all banking and financial legislation affecting agriculture; a food products and manufacturers commission to deal with all legislation affecting the manipulation of foods by grist mills, canning factories, packing plants and cold storage warehouses, food standards and prices; a rural tariff commission to deal with all irrational, International tariff and trade problems that affect agriculture; a land settlement.

Pro-Jakarta militias went on a ram of killing and destruction after it was announced that nearly 80 per cent of voters favoured independence from Indonesia, which invaded the former Portuguese colony russian escort in new saskatoon and russian escort in new saskatoon annexed it. The fire Is still blazing furiously at 3 a. James X Maraha.