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Knowing how to get to know someone is one of those things that seems simple on paper, but is often surprisingly difficult. Well, getting to know someone is often easier said than done. Connecting on a surface level is a breeze — you do it with the person who serves your coffee or rings up your groceries all the time.

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If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?

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Whatever they choose, it will definitely tell you a little more about them and hopefully spark a good conversation. How to Really Get to Know Someone. What problems are the person you are trying to get to know good at solving?

So, steer clear of that little game. So, I decided to tuck it in this section just to be safe. Time to see how much of a free spirit they are. You can learn a lot from how someone physically responds to a question.

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People get busy, and coming back to 12 messages after 1 day can feel overwhelming. This question is more about putting opinions or beliefs into perspective. Ah, the guilty pleasure songs or artists.

Get to know someone by learning what they like

A classic conversation starter, but sometimes those are the best. Something else entirely? Sending someone a Facebook invite to an upcoming concert is a lot easier than directly asking them to you! Save that one for the cozier late-night chat you might have a few weeks or months down the road.

Gesture or seem otherwise animated as they answer? It may help lower stress, boost immunity and lung function, enhance memory, and…. Let them reach out to you next, if they still want to pursue a friendship.

However, you should always try to ask questions that are more specific to that person. This simple question can tell you a lot about their world view. See you Friday. If you both enjoy texting, go for it. We all lose our temper from time to time, and expressing anger is actually a healthy thing to do in our relationships with others. If you were given a how to know person to explore the oceans, go to outer space or visit 50 different countries, which one you choose and why?

Hopefully, there will be some stories about the clothing as well.

How to (really) get to know someone

It's not just about having someone to get coffee with. Everyone is different, and some people may not how to know person willing to put themselves out there until they trust you fully. Very similar to the epitaph question, but while that question was more the short and sweet version, this one is great for elaborating on what they think of as a good life.

When trying to find out more about a new acquaintance, you might be tempted to run through a long list of questions. When making plans with someone new, using things from your conversation or cues in their environment can help. You deserve to feel safe with your friends. Give it time. Have you always had the same political beliefs?

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Accept the awkwardness. Be ready with your own answers too! An odd question, but it can be a good one if you are going to get to know them and see them again. What would be great to take back control of and fix the error you made.

You can offer personal details naturally over the course of a conversation, often by replying to what someone says. Discover what makes the other person tick, and encourage them to talk about it.

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And everyone loves talking about things they are passionate about. Another one that is more entertaining the more creative you get with it. Give it time. That can mean spending time doing things that help us calm down and relax, like being around people we enjoy, practicing deep breathing or listening to music. Do you believe more in fate or that we are the creators of our own destinies because we are governed by free will? Existential dread? But not everyone has such an easy time connecting with new people.

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Perhaps clowns, the dark, or something more unique, like chickens. Do you believe yourself to be truly free? We all feel distracted and unfocused at times. Passive-aggressive behavior happens when someone is angry but uses indirect communication to express their anger.

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Use some of the tips included here to help with how to deal with anger and better control your emotions. Best to save these questions for when you are both ready for a more serious discussion. When someone has an illness, it can be hard to know what to say. So, you might want to be a bit wary about this question. Let them reach out to you next, if they still want to pursue a friendship. Medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph. Actively listen to their answers.

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Some people enjoy people watching, others not so much. This is another question that tries to get at what they truly enjoy doing. Why or why not? Lots of funny answers to be had here. This one can be a lot of fun, especially if you are both into movies. When making plans with someone new, using things from your conversation or cues in their environment can help.

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Do they lean in to reply? With this hypothetical, you can see what mischief they would get into with nearly unlimited how to know person. The people you surround yourself with say a lot about you. But I say embrace them! Now you can find out what not to do around the person you are getting to know. Legg, Ph. But pay attention to how they respond. Once you feel that initial spark of interest, you want to know more about them ASAP. If not, you can always get creative and guess at the smell. Internal chatter? Also, it can often make people uncomfortable. But rattling off a lot of questions may not be the best move.

Avoid texting or messaging too much. Their perfect room tells you what their ideal environment is and where they feel most themselves. Talk about yourself.

Questions to get to know someone

But either way, it will tell you more about them. Focus on questions that further a conversation. It could be a holiday, it could be an anniversary, it could be their birthday. I like this one because it forces you to think outside the box.

Avoid giving advice. It might be something that reminds them of happier times, or perhaps just a pleasant smell. Name one really surprising thing that set your heart pumping and gave you an adrenaline rush.

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A line in a piece of literature? But over time, you might naturally begin sharing more information about the things that matter in your life. When you find out who inspires them, you find out who their heroes are, as well as what they aspire to be.

Research has shown that singing can be good for you on many levels.