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General Education. If you were born between June 21 and July 22 like me!

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The female Cancer zodiac is one of maternal instincts and desires, a protective nature and the moodiness Cancer women seem to be known for. What else does a Cancer woman house within her personality though? There's more to a Cancer woman zodiac characteristics than mood swings, the inspiration to nurture, and the likelihood to go to extremes to protect those they consider their own. This means the maternal side of a Cancer woman gets exercised well. Cancer females can be effective disciplinarians while also showing their kids they love them.

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In most cases, she will figure a peaceful way to help her avoid any kind of conflict or intense discussion. One Response Clevin Jack. For information on what's involved in this and the opportunity to obtain one for yourself and your partner please see the compatibility readings. An overly lazy or selfish partner may find it not so appealing.

All Rights Reserved. Choose Your Test. Those are a convenient and fast way to generalize, but far from conclusive at this broad level.

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Find Out How. Know with whom you share the best and worst relations with, based on your Zodiac. It is her source of comfort and rejuvenation, and it is where she goes to ground her spirit and replenish herself on a soul-level. Simply put, you must know how to please her at all times to become the perfect love match for Cancer woman.

In addition to being loyal, Cancers are extraordinarily protective of loved ones, sometimes even to a fault.

Cancer woman

You can plan a candlelight dinner and take her on a special treat. His birthday is July 14—the same as mine!

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They can make decisions both quickly and effectively based purely on their intuitiona strength that's unique to Cancers. The crab has a good instinct for who suits her best in relationships.

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Online relationships and long distance relationships have unique challenges. Relationship ebooks. You are deeply intuitive and possess awesome imaginative powers. They want to know that they're appreciated for their efforts, so try to make time to tell them how much it means to you.

That lady at your office who is always hugging people when they're feeling down, is probably a Cancer Often she is glad to actually leave behind the troubled years of her adolescence and young adulthood, and finds peace in later years. Keenly perceptive, she knows how to deal with people.

In fact, you may never be forgiven. In the zodiac, Cancer is a water symbolized by the Crab. It takes time for Cancerians to learn to trust another, and the crab is shy and reserved when it comes to matters of the heart. If they don't love their partner then all bets are off the same as for every other. There is something comforting about friendships with a Cancer woman, and you know she will be there looking after you should you cancer personality profile female need her. The key is understanding her and what cancer personality profile female finds most attractive in a partner.

Young people will enjoy being around her, because she always seems to remain young inside, even though she tends to age gracefully. They're also very romantic and generous partners; however, they expect the same kind of selfless treatment in return, so it's important for Cancers to enter into a relationship with somebody who equally values this give-and-take lifestyle.

These Crabs are exceedingly loyal to close family and friends, and they enjoy spending lots of one-on-one time with loved ones. You are a peacemaker and stay as a diplomat. Prove to yourself that you're capable of maintaining important friendships and are willing to go the extra mile to keep these special people in your life.

Also Read Cancer Relationship. From naughty to nice, my reviews of ebooks on dating, love, sex and more. Ask An Expert Just Rs. All things being equal though, Cancer women are dependent on their mood.

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Be gentle and reassuring: Cancer women always have an urge for safety and security. She is not really the sociable type ; actually, Cancer woman develops a strong attachment to her home. This is the first water of the zodiac and the Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon, endowing her with awesome intuition and imagination.

Cancers like to mother everyone around them and are caring, thoughtful friends. Aquarius Horoscope. You are soft, loving, caring and a good nurturer. Cancer the Crab Associations.

What is the cancer in astrology?

There are many good and bad Cancer traits. Individuals born under this astrological will possess a variety of personality traits that could change from sweetness and loyalty to moodiness and even resentment. If you ever cross a Crab, don't be surprised if they get a bit petty or vindictive.

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Cancer personality profile female be scared to listen to your gut—it's usually right, especially for Crabs! You may think that making a Cancer woman angry takes a lot for effort; nonetheless, right at the moment she blows up, be careful. The Cancer is fiercely protective cancer personality profile female its family and loved ones, willing to go to the ends of the Earth to ensure the safety and security of their home.

Cancerian women can be sensitive, kind, artistic, romantic, eccentric or flamboyant. Your inherent wisdom is likely to give you an edge Virgo Horoscope. When in love, they are patient and will persevere in the face of any obstacle for the cause of true love. You are sensitive, empathetic, emotional, romantic, and kind. Cancers are known for being moody due to the complexity of their emotions, which can quickly jump from extremely happy to extremely sad.

So, if you hear the slamming of doors or stomping of feet, it might be best to find her and see if she needs to talk about it. Nonetheless, she must learn how to give it firstly. She does not follow the latest craze emanating from the catwalks. Capricorn Horoscope. Krabs, despite being a literal crab, is NOT a Cancer? More Subscribe. Hence, it is hard to spot you out in a crowd. The answer is when she is able to share her love as well as passion for something, like her preferences writing, poetry, etc.

To explore this further please see my article on online relationships.

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Romantic and devoted, she takes relationships and her partner seriously, and once settled with a mate she enjoys the home and everything associated with it. Remember, if you're trying to befriend a Cancer, they'd rather have someone who's going to be a major part of their lives, so be prepared to make a lifelong friend! Your horoscope is a powerful tool for understanding your personality, relationships and love compatibility on a deeper level.

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Fluid like water, she is both peaceful and passionate. Copyright Cancer personality profile female. Here, we introduce the three worst Cancer characteristicsfrom being moody and overly sensitive to vindictive. While this protective nature can be overbearing at timesit comes from a generous place and a truly devoted heart. Cancers wear their hearts on their sleevesbut they have a range of emotions going on inside, which can at times make them seem overly sentimental or moody; this is due to their connection with the moon phases and is why Cancers are said to be "crabby. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.

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She is strong willed and persistent, but can sometimes be reserved, drawing away and into her own shell if disturbed or provoked. A Cancer woman is sympathetic and sensitive to others around her. The common advice cancer personality profile female to tell Cancer that you love them cancer personality profile female times a day.

What are the necessary remedies to get relief? This situation gets rapidly compounded, because Cancer doesn't like confrontation, and prefers to withdraw to heal when hurt, leading to feeling resentful and taken for granted, and eventually becoming argumentative and feeling like a martyr. But please keep in mind that Cancer woman will never treat you like before once she closes the door.

Learn more about the Enneagram and whether or not Enneagram Type 2 fits you here. No matter what her career is, she will be protective of it just like how she treats her home. Instead, her imagination is the main cause to her suspicion and resentment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here, we introduce four of the best Cancer traits and explain what they mean for Crabs. Cancer in Love Cancers are extremely committed when it comes to romantic relationships due to their qualities of loyalty and devotion.