What is a prepper?


So what is a prepper? For a lot of us it brings up images of Zombies or the apocalypse. Maybe people living off the land and stockpiling food. In a way that might be partially correct. I guess it really can mean a wide variety of things depending on the circles you run in. To me a prepper is someone who plans and prepares for the worst.

A prepper is prepared

When I say prepared it doesn’t have to be a stock pile of guns and bullets, although that is not a bad idea. If someone can take care of his family and the people he cares about then he is doing alright. If you lost your job how long could you feed and shelter your kids? If the power went out, would you need to go to a hotel and how long could you afford it.

It doesn’t have to be catastrophic to be difficult

A prepper covers the basics so he is not thrown by the unexpected. Maybe it means trimming the bills? Do you put off calling the cable and phone company for a better plan? Maybe refinance the mortgage. I procrastinated for two years before I went and told the building department to give me a veteran discount on my property taxes. Really, is it too much to make the phone call or stop in to save a couple thousand bucks a year?

Preppers are crazies. Right?

Setting aside some extra cash is not exactly a crazy idea. Yet, somehow it is the exception not the rule. Having a little extra food to last a few days is not wrong. I was all cool when the power went out and my wife broke out the camp coffee maker. Then when I couldn’t grind the beans not so cool. My point is a little foresight can take you a long way.

Do you best to take of you and yours.

In conclusion whether you want a year’s supply of food, a hidden fortress, or just buying a generator. You should decide what is important to you.  You decide the financial and time commitments you are willing to make, and live the life that is right for you.


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