Trophies For Everyone



So I have concerns. Concerns about the future of America. The fact that schools and society in general seem to teach our children that they are all winners. Now it may be true that everyone has potential.

Potential Does Not Make You a Winner

It is all about what you do with this potential that dictates whether or not you get the trophy. I don’t think that we will all be amazing at whatever we try to do. When I was younger I was constantly frustrated at how hard it was for me to master skateboarding or playing guitar. The strange thing though, is that I never really put in the time that is required to be great yet I wanted results. In most cases being really good at something is hard. So sadly, I am not a rock God, I did not get on the cover of Thrasher magazine, and no I didn’t get the trophy.

It’s All About The Work

The truth is that you probably can get the trophy, but you have to work for it. Most of the time you have to work really hard for it. In fact, the harder you work the bigger the trophy. That is the point, the trophy is supposed to be a symbol, a public validation of what you accomplish. It is a tool to teach our kids the value in hard work.

 Sorry No Trophy For My Kids

Nothing drives me crazier than rewarding kids just for existing. Our children should be honored and built up when they accomplish something that took effort. If you study hard you get an “A” an appropriate reward for your effort. If you study consistently and rise to the top of your class this took even more effort and should therefore have a greater reward usually recognition and hopefully some cash in the form of scholarships.

Create a Desire To Be Better

It is sad in America that we now consider graduating from High School a major accomplishment. It is important, and yes it takes a long time however it can usually be done with little effort. In America we used to take pride in being the biggest, fastest, strongest, and smartest. Let’s not take pride away from our kids.

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