5 Keys to Self Defense


Regardless of the type of self-defense you use, there are five basic keys that will increase your chances of getting through a violent attack alive. These may seem like common sense tips, but the truth is, many people never employ them – and they pay the price.


Preparation gives you an edge when the unexpected happens. When you have taken the steps to prepare your body and mind for combat, you ensure that when the situation arises you are level headed and controlled. Preparation reduces the incidence of panic which results in chaos and often is not conducive to getting through an altercation unscathed. In fact, many people who panic don’t make it out alive. The survival instinct can be honed and preparation goes a long way in doing that.


Practice is part of preparation, but it also stands alone. When you are faced with a life threatening situation, your body goes into a “fight or flight” response. You get a rush of adrenaline and your heart begins to pump faster and harder to rush necessary blood to the larger muscles, like biceps and thighs, which are used for combat. Your body goes through significant changes when under this type of pressure but by practicing your street fighting and self-defense on a regular basis you will be better able to manage those changes and make them work to your benefit. Practice is absolutely essential to survival.

Pay Attention

When you are on the street – or outside of your home for that matter – hang up your phone and put it away. One of the most dangerous things you can do that will put you in a life threatening situation is take your focus off of your surroundings. Stop walking and texting! Look up and look around you. Become observant of your surroundings. It could save your life.


Even if you don’t relish the thought of carrying a gun, you should at least carry some type of weapon. There are a wide variety of weapons you can use from your car keys to a survival knife to a baton. It is a good idea to have at least something on your person that you can use as a weapon. That does not mean that if you are attacked that you will have the opportunity to access it right away, but if you can get to it at some point in the altercation you can use it and inflict serious damage. At the same time, though, you do need to know how to defend yourself without any weapons.

Pair Up

There is safety in numbers. When you go out try to pair up with someone else. When you venture out alone you are vulnerable, but when there is at least one other person with you your chances of getting attacked decrease. Talk with neighbors and friends to band together so that no one has to go anywhere alone. You just may save someone’s life, especially your own.

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