Ways to power off-grid (or close to it)


Using alternative energy methods are a great way to go off the grid, or just lower your energy bill, but it takes some planning and a lot of work. Before you take the plunge and outfit your home with an alternative energy source take the time to research the method thoroughly and learn as much as you can about it. These methods are not as easy, nor are they as cut and dry and they may appear. They also work very differently from traditional power methods. This is not to say either is better or worse, but there definitely are differences.

Bulk up by combining several different methods.

One single power generation method is not likely to do the trick. You need to have several different methods, several backups on hand so if one fails the other can kick in. For instance, combining solar panels and wind turbines so that if one stops the other can start up. You should also have a battery bank and inverter as well as a generator.

Nature won’t always do her part.

The sun will set and the wind will stop blowing which means that your solar panels are no longer functional and your turbines will stop turning. Then what? If you have an alternate source of power you can start it up and use it to supplement in the downtime. What’s more, you can use your generator to charge the batteries so that you have yet another form of backup power.

You still have to do your part.

Alternative energy is not a “turn it on and forget about it” method of power. You still have to do your part and conserve energy wherever you can. In fact, you need to become even more aware of lights left on and appliances needlessly running. You can’t just flip a switch and the AC comes on. Alternative energy is more involved and you actually have to tend to it to keep it running and to keep the electricity flowing through your home.

Consider biogas generators as a main power source or back up.

A biogas generator is an outstanding way to power your home. You can use it as your main power source, or you can use it as a back-up when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. It is simple to build and operate because it runs off of garbage and waste products. You don’t have to purchase expensive gasoline or pay enormous utility bills.

The best thing that you can do is research your options. You might also consider only going with a partial conversion – at first anyway. Some methods may be available to you, but not others because of where you live and the set-up of your site. Others may simply be too difficult for you to operate. Find the method that works for you and your family – but make sure that you include back up power sources. You certainly don’t want to be left in the dark.

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