Why you need a plan B.


There is a saying that goes, “If you don’t have a Plan B, you don’t have a plan.” In other words, it is important to have some kind of back up in the event that things change or your current plan collapses. This is true in business, career, life, but especially survival. What will you do if your family survival plan goes off the rails? Will you be able to quickly regroup, pick up, and move in a different direction, or will you be left, dazed and confused, wondering what you are going to do next?

Still not convinced you need a Plan B? Read on.

Plan A doesn’t always go the way you expect.

What is it they say about the best laid plan? Oh, yeah, that they may go awry. Maybe something you didn’t plan for happens or your plan just wasn’t as tight as you first thought. Whatever the case, your first plan may not go the way you wanted or expected it to. You have to be able to regroup and move on quickly, your very survival may depend on it.

You need to be able to protect your family.

Your family is depending on you and when SHTF they will be looking to you more than ever. You have to be able to take care of them and anticipate snags that can occur. When you are responsible for more than just yourself that can create a great deal of pressure. This pressure can make it difficult to think on your feet, leaving you to flounder if Plan A falls apart. You can’t afford that when it comes to your family.

Things can happen that you didn’t foresee.

We live in a world comprised of constantly changing variables. Just because you see things moving in one direction doesn’t mean that they will stay moving in that direction. Catastrophic events have that element of chaos. A hurricane can change course at the last moment, directly hitting a city that was formerly thought to be relatively safe from destruction. You never know what will happen next so you have to be prepared to act quickly and decisively.

You need to be able to protect your property.

Your family needs to be safe, but protecting your property is a long term way of caring for them. Your property contains your shelter, food, provisions, and tools. It is where your family gathers and where your plans originate. You need to be able to protect your property, but also protect whatever parts of your property are left in the event it sustains direct damage.

You have to be prepared, regardless.

There are some people who believe that they will just fly by the seat of their pants when disaster strikes – but they are most likely setting themselves up for failure. If you want to protect your family and home in the event of economic collapse, a major disaster, or a terrorist attack, then you have to be ready to act quickly, without thinking, without pondering your options. You have to be ready to spring into action with your Plan A, but it that doesn’t work out, then kick in Plan B – or C or D or E. You get the picture.

So, are you ready?

Don’t let your family go without a survival plan.

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