Four Reasons You Fit in a Smaller Home than You Think

Single family house

Despite the housing bust, the big home on the hill is still a goal for many Americans. Home and garden television shows flash pictures of granite-imbued kitchens and bathrooms you could park two cars in, and people want the dream.

The problem with that dream is that it’s not sustainable for everyone in the country, and thinking that a large, designer home will make you happy means buying into false consumerism. The truth is: you don’t need a big home to make you happy. In fact, a big home puts you and your family at risk for mortgage woes, financial disaster, and even an increased likelihood of break ins.

If you bought into the big-home dream, here are four reasons you might fit into a smaller house than you think.

Your Space Can Multitask

Americans have been conditioned to think each space has a specific purpose, which requires more square footage and rooms. You need a laundry room, a rec room, a family home theater room, a parlor, a dining room, and a kitchen. Tack on a few bedrooms, bathrooms, and a home office, and you’ve got at least 3,000 square feet of house.

In reality, some of those spaces can pull double duty. One space can act as the living room, rec room, and entertainment space; people have been combining dining rooms and home offices for decades.

Smart designs let laundry rooms share turf with bathrooms or kitchens, and not everyone in the home needs their own bedroom and bathroom. In fact, cutting down on space can make household chores more efficient, allowing you additional time to enjoy the space you do have.

Modern Kitchens are Oversized

Some of the best restaurants in the country—the type of places showcased by the likes of Guy Fieri and Adam Richman—feature small galley kitchens. That award-winning chefs can whip up fabulous meals in small spaces kills the notion that kitchens need to be big. Many modern kitchens could be cut down by a third or half and still contain everything required for comfortable, consistent cooking experiences.

In-Home Spas aren’t Necessary

Massaging shower stalls and Jacuzzi tubs are certainly nice, and they even offer some benefits for health and wellness. But do you really need a bathroom that rivals your guest bedroom, complete with a mountain’s worth of granite?

A smaller space, if designed correctly, can fit both a comfortable tub and a shower stall with room leftover for the other requirements of the lavatory.  

Your Space Dictates Your Stuff

Many homeowners look around and claim they could never move into a smaller space because they have too much stuff. Most of the time, the space you live in dictates how much stuff you have.

We tend to fill our spaces, moving into bigger and bigger homes throughout life to accommodate stuff we don’t even use. Try this experiment to see how true this is: Place a small sticker on everything in your kitchen. Each time you use an item, remove the sticker. After a few months, you’ll be surprised how many stickers are left!

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