Four Must Have Items You Need During a Collapse or Crisis


Ask any older child or preteen to list the necessities of survival, and you’re likely to get a pretty solid list including food, water, and shelter. While those types of items should always be first priority in a survival or crisis situation, there are other items around your house right now that could come in handy. In fact, many household items could help you achieve the water, shelter, and food requirements once canned goods and other stocked items run out.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is durable and strong, and it comes in a handy container that fits in your pocket. You can use unflavored and unscented floss to make a fishing line, though you will need to weight it down because floss floats on water. Floss can also be tied into snares or netting to catch small prey for food or used as all-purpose string in gardening or building shelters. Use floss to bundle smaller sticks tightly to make a longer-lasting fire when large wood isn’t available.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are already a favorite commodity of hikers and campers. Not only can you separate garbage from other items, but you can use the bags to keep blankets and clothing dry—an important survival technique when living in outdoor environments. Create wind or rain ponchos quickly from large garbage bags—even if you are living in an indoor situation, protecting yourself and family from the elements each time you venture out reduces the chance you’ll have to treat colds or other illnesses at a time when energy should be spent on gathering and protecting resources.

Duct Tape

Duct tape can be used to create shelters—combine duct tape with tarps for walls and roofing on a temporary tent. In a survival situation, when repairs are much easier then replacement, duct take can be used to repair tears and holes in sleeping bags, tents, tarps, containers, and even clothing. If a collapse includes the threat of biological and chemical contaminants or warfare, you can combine duct tape with garbage bags or plastic to seal off windows and doors.

PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is easy to work with and can be fashioned into a variety of tools during a survival situation. Create structures that can support shelter material, divert water to a more suitable location, or use pipe as the exterior component of a water filter.

Look around your home today and identify some other items that could be used in a survival situation. If you have to move quickly during a collapse, it helps to know what to grab.

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