You Can’t Rely on the Government During a Major Collapse

FEMA search code on damaged home

Americans today are used to the conveniences that modern society provides. Needs for food are satisfied by a trip to the grocery store or a wide economic range of restaurants; shelter and warmth provided by homes and power companies and medical emergencies are dealt with by medical professionals.What happens when your options are gone?

A community ravaged by riot or storm or wildfire can leave all your usual options unavailable. Who would you turn to when your family is hungry, cold or hurt? If you think federal, state or even local authorities can help, you might be in for a long wait. Any type of catastrophe can cause a breakdown in normal social services.

The Government Doesn’t Have a Good Track Record

Whatever your politics are, you still need to be aware of the effects of actual events. The riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, the wildfires of the Midwest and Hurricane Katrina all show that governmental authority can not guarantee the safety of families or even access to food and supplies. FEMA, the federal agency whose sole mission is emergency management, is unorganized and slow to react to communities in crisis. They provided help that came too late and sometimes not at all to large numbers of families.

Hurricane Katrina wasn’t the only time that the federal government was overwhelmed. How long do you want to wait for food, water and shelter? Who do you want to decide how needy your family is?

The Government Doesn’t Personally Care about You

Every time campaigns for political office start, you will hear how the candidates  care about you and your family. But given the huge number of people in a town, county or state how much can any politician know about your family? The government needs to keep basic infrastructure intact in a crisis and your little corner of the world is just another piece of the larger puzzle. Make your family’s survival take the important place it deserves, priority one.

Trusting Yourself and Your Family F irst

All of these facts mean one thing-every single step you take to prepare for disaster now gives your family an edge to survive later. Make it personal and evaluate your family’s specific needs so that you are in control and wait for no one to “save” you. Preparing now means surviving even if the government does not.

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