Chupacabra Myth No More



The infamous chupacabras was seen first in Puerto Rico in the summer of 1975 when several farm animals were found dead. The animals had strange puncture- marks on their necks. The sightings later intensified in the 1990s when farmers reported that literally hundreds of their animals were being slaughtered. The animals where not eaten by any predator, but were mutilated or drained of their blood – hence the name, “goatsucker.” In 1991, a male dog was found dead, with nothing inside. “It was as if all had been sucked out through the eyes,” the report said. “It had empty eye sockets and all the internal organs had disappeared.”

In the beginning, the carnage seemed to be confined only to the island of Puerto Rico, but later toward the end of the 1990s and into the 2000s, sightings were reported on other Caribbean islands, in Mexico, Central America, Chile and even the southern U.S. in Texas, Arizona and Florida. In April-June in Chile of 2002, it was reported that authorities had captured the chupacabras, the creatures were supposedly taken away by people representing the U.S. government.

The descriptions of the elusive creature have remained fairly consistent:

*dark gray skin
*Sharp fangs
*Black eyes
*three to five feet tall
*three to 4 fingers
*Large claws
*Coarse dark hair if any

With the recent reports of attacks of goats, deer, chickens and other farm animals that were all mutilated and drained of blood continuing to come out of South American countries, including Argentina and Chile. The Chupacabra is definitely a puzzling mystery.