Bug-Out Bag Top 25

bugout bag

A bug-out bag is supposed to be the quick grab and go. I find it hard to imagine scenarios where this plays out. I also am a bit of a country boy, 90 miles north of New York City. If you are in the city I can appreciate needing/wanting to get off the island fast. I have that feeling every time I am there.  I imagine maybe large scale looting and roving gangs could motivate me to leave. Then again I did see Red Dawn.

Like camping without the park police.

So I imagine my bugging out to include basic camping, survival and self defense. I live in a tough mountain-like terrain, so definitely hiking will be involved (nice boots). I also plan to have to carry supplies into the woods a mile or two. This means less food and more hunting/gathering.

Backpack VS. Deuce and a half

There is a lot of discussion of the best way to set up a bug-out bag whether to have a light camping bag that you can travel and hike with or have everything you need to rebuild the world. It is up to you to survey your surroundings and decide the best bug-out plan for your location and family. If you are a city dweller maybe you keep a small city bag and have a offsite bag. Either way, here are what I found to be the essentials in mine:

What’s in the bag?

1. The bag itself (being a Navy vet I went with a sea bag)
2. Leatherman Rebar 3. SAS Manual (It is like the Boy Scout handbook only better.)4. SOG Jungle Primitive Machete (I love this knife)5. First Aid Kit6a. Camp Cook Set
6b. a better camp cook set 7. compass8. Sportsman map of your bug-out area9. Poo Paper, woman products, maybe a toothbrush if your into that kind of thing (what you don’t poop?)10. Duct Tape11. Snare Wire12. Life Straw13. Flashlight14. Matches15. Survival blanket16. Fishing kit17. Hammock (this has many uses and sleeping off the ground isn’t bad either)18. Tent19.Bug spray20. Sun Block21. Candle22. Sleeping bag
23. SOG credit card tool24. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit25. Fire Starter