Suppressors / Silencers


How Do They Work? So what is a Suppressor / Silencer and can I buy one? This is really what what everyone is asking-well, at least me. A suppressor basically makes a gun shot a whole lot quieter below 140db or hearing safe. Some are definitely better than others. When a gun is fired it … Continue reading Suppressors / Silencers

80% AR-15 (GHOST GUN)


So what is the deal with the 80% Lower and the AR-15 Ghost Gun? First of all a Ghost Gun is a gun that has no serial number and was purchased without going through a background check or a FFL Dealer. The reason this is legal is because you don’t buy a gun you build … Continue reading 80% AR-15 (GHOST GUN)



  Foraging is an essential skill when it comes to surviving in the wild. Every prepper should really spend some time learning to identify what plants are both good to eat, poisonous, or what medicinal properties are available in the wild. This is a skill you should practice with your children and learn for yourself. … Continue reading Foraging

Chupacabra Myth No More


CHUPACABRAS The infamous chupacabras was seen first in Puerto Rico in the summer of 1975 when several farm animals were found dead. The animals had strange puncture- marks on their necks. The sightings later intensified in the 1990s when farmers reported that literally hundreds of their animals were being slaughtered. The animals where not eaten … Continue reading Chupacabra Myth No More

DIY Smokehouse

Cedar Smokehouse

Everyone loves smoked meats especially when they are homemade. Even better nothing is better for a prepper than a prep that is useful now and in the apocalypse. A smoke house can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. ┬áSimply it is just a fire, a box some racks and a vent to control … Continue reading DIY Smokehouse

Dig Your Own Well

well pump

So my wife and have been discussing our concerns about water. We have a well and when the power goes out so does our water. Yes, I am prepared and I have a generator so in the short run we are fine. Sadly, eventually I will run out of gas and then things get ugly … Continue reading Dig Your Own Well

Bug-Out Bag Top 25

bugout bag

A bug-out bag is supposed to be the quick grab and go. I find it hard to imagine scenarios where this plays out. I also am a bit of a country boy, 90 miles north of New York City. If you are in the city I can appreciate needing/wanting to get off the island fast. … Continue reading Bug-Out Bag Top 25

What is a prepper?


So what is a prepper? For a lot of us it brings up images of Zombies or the apocalypse. Maybe people living off the land and stockpiling food. In a way that might be partially correct. I guess it really can mean a wide variety of things depending on the circles you run in. To … Continue reading What is a prepper?

Not Yours To Give – Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett

Not only is tax paid, government dictated welfare opposite to Christian charity, it also flies directly in the face of the Constitution of the United States. Hero of the Alamo Davy Crockett was a colonel in the Tennessee Regulars and was elected to the House of Representatives from his native state. That was before his … Continue reading Not Yours To Give – Davy Crockett

Trophies For Everyone


  So I have concerns. Concerns about the future of America. The fact that schools and society in general seem to teach our children that they are all winners. Now it may be true that everyone has potential. Potential Does Not Make You a Winner It is all about what you do with this potential … Continue reading Trophies For Everyone